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    Botulism Toxin

    We understand that with age comes the loss of collagen in the face, and with that comes wrinkles and fine lines. Botulin toxin injections help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing your facial muscles. These injections also treat medical conditions including migraines, hyperhidrosis, and eye problems. It is recommended to repeat treatments in three to six months after the effects wear off. If you have questions about botulism toxin treatment contact our clinic today.

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    Dermal Fillers

    We can offer our patients volumizing facial enhancements to lessen the effects of lost skin tone associated with the aging process. These volumizers can also assist in restoring upper lip support to widen smiles for more tooth display. We can provide beautiful and subtle lip enhancements to establish ideal lip and smile lines. These techniques can also aid in reducing a “gummy smile”, reduce the appearance of recessed gum tissue, and smooth lip lines and eliminate vertical “smokers’ lines.

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    PDO Smoothing and Lifting Threads

    The PDO smoothing and thread lift is a treatment that utilizes threads made of Polydioxanone in order to lift and tighten loose or sagging facial tissues. The lifting threads penetrate the deeper layers of your skin to provide instant skin lifting, stimulates collagen production to improve skin texture and elasticity, which reduces fine lines. This non-surgical facelift treatment is minimally invasive. If you have questions contact our clinic today!

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    Acne Treatment

    We understand that acne can create insecurities and negatively effect a person’s self confidence. It can also be inconvenient when you are going about your daily habits and activities. We offer a variety of acne treatments that are specific to your situation and unique needs. Dr. Rosenau will walk you through the different options and recommend the most effective treatment process that suits you!

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    Acne Scar Reduction

    Active acne breakouts are frustrating, but the scars acne can leave on your skin be even more of a burden. The good news is you can actually treat acne scars via in-office acne scar reduction treatments provided by our clinic. Our team utilizes radio frequency and laser to target acne bacteria and reduce the scarring associated with acne. If you are interested in learning more about acne scar reduction contact our clinic today.

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    Cellulite Reduction

    Are you insecure about the cellulite you have on certain areas of your body? You’re not alone, many of our patients have come in for cellulite reduction treatment which is achievable in a few treatments. Viora’s cellulite reduction therapies allow for a broad range of cellulite grade treatments and offer a quick and effective solution for long-term results. These technologies help to reduce cellulite by treating the symptoms effectively and safely.

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    Hair Reduction

    Viora IPL hair removal treatments are some of the most popular treatments for men and women across the globe! Viora’s hair removal solutions offer an important advantage in the aesthetic market by using the most effective IPL and laser devices. IPL hair reduction can treat a broader range of skin types, including dark skin colors, and it is safer due the wide ranges of wavelength options as well as the multi level cooling. IPL hair reduction is also significantly less painful than traditional laser hair removal/ reduction. For more information contact our clinic today.

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    Skin Hydration

    Viora’s skin hydration therapies allow for a broad range of treatments for dry and dehydrated skin and offer a quick and effective solution for long term results and greater patient loyalty. Viora’s Intensive Hydration™️ Solution thanks to its key ingredients, hyaluronic acid and saccharide isomerate, is specially developed for immediate and long-term hydrating benefits leaving the skin nourished and plumped.

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    Skin Resurfacing, Brightening and Hyperpigmentation Correction

    Viora’s V-IPL, V-FR and needle-free mesotherapy (Ionwave™️ Technology) treatments dramatically reduce hyperpigmentation lesions, making the skin tone even and bright. With Viora’s wide variety of proprietary technologies, each pigmentary disorder can be treated in a unique way depending on its characteristics. If you would like to receive skin correction treatment, contact our clinic and schedule a consultatin today.

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    Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that works to declog your lymphatic network. Lymph drainage can be beneficial because specific techniques are utilized to move the lymphatic fluid, toxins and waste out of the damaged areas in the body to other areas that are functioning normally. Lymphatic massage can reduce swelling, water retention and bloat. If you are interested in receiving a lymphatic drainage massage, contact our clinic today.

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    Needle-less RF Lip Plumping

    Full lips are a desirable beauty attribute in today’s society, but if you were not born with plump, full lips it typically is accompanied by costly injections. There are other options available! Needle-less RF Lip Plumping is a quick, safe, and pain-free procedure that shows immediate results. You can achieve fuller lips that look more natural with lasting results that continue to improve with a few treatments. If you are interested in receiving more information or scheduling a consultation for RF Lip Plumping treatment, contact our clinic.

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    Lash Extensions

    Lash extensions have been all the rage in terms of beauty trends and have become a sought after staple in beauty routines. Eyelash extensions can take your ‘look’ to a whole new level by enhancing the volume and length of your lashes and complimenting your eyes. There are natural-looking options or more dramatic ones and every in between to choose from! The main benefits of getting eyelash extensions are the added volume and length, the time saved getting ready.

    Welcome to Flourish Facial & Body Aesthetics

    Are you looking for a local facial and body clinic? At Flourish Facial & Body Aesthetics, we are a full-service cosmetic clinic that provides our patients with quality care. With a patient-oriented approach, our team offers a comprehensive understanding of each patients’ cosmetic ambitions with a variety of options to choose from. From dermal fillers to acne treatment, to lymphatic drainage massages, our clinic ensures you have access to a wide variety of options to enhance and inspire your self-confidence. Our dedicated and skilled team understands each patient’s individual needs and helps determine which treatment will work best for them. If you have any questions or would like to request a consultation, contact our clinic today!

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    Dr. Landi Rosenau

    Dr. Landi Rosenau was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but came to Charlotte in 2004 to pursue her nursing education and now has the great pleasure of calling the greater Charlotte area home.

    Dr. Landi Rosenau graduated from Queens University of Charlotte with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree. Dr. Rosenau practiced as a registered nurse for five years in the Emergency Department at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center near downtown Charlotte before pursuing dental education. Dr. Rosenau received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2017.

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